Gam Ma Piyariyu Ne Gam Ma Sasariyu (2005)

Starring: Hiten Kumar, Roma Manik, Nandini, Sameer Rajda

Genre: Drama


Story: A woman plays a very important role in the ethnic cultural fabric of the Indian society. But, her transformation from growing up as a loving daughter that everyone dots on to a responsible, respected and loved daughter-in-law, she has to face many a hurdles that life’s intricacy puts before her path. Her societal position or that of her parents are of no comfort to the hardship that she has to undergo to earn the respect of her in-laws and more so to keep up with the virtues of the family she willingly becomes a part of. Her burdens are only increased when her parental home and that of her in-laws are at close proximity, like in the same village or town. ‘Gaamma Piyaryu Aane Gaamma Sasaryu’ is a story of two such daughters who leave no stone unturned when they are faced with hurdles that ..

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