Ek Dav Dhobi Pachad (2009)

Starring: Ashok Saraf, Subodh Bhave, Prasad Oak, Kishori Shahane, Pushkar, Madhura Velankar

Genre: Action,Drama

Director: Satish Rajwade

Story: The movie revolves around the life of Dada Dandke (Ashok Saraf), a crook whose business involves controlling and opening new beer bars and casinos. The so-called gunda of the village, he is fondly called as dada by his associates. Dada is notoriously known for capturing polling booths and doing vasooli from people. However, a transformation comes about in his life when he meets his long lost love, Hema . Dada puts a marriage proposal which Hema rejects saying that he is not the same person she had met years back. She comments on his language, clothes and way of living. Unable to face the rejection, Dada decides to change himself and win Hema's heart again. His attempts to improve make him appoint a Marathi teacher for his language, a fashion designer to stitch international and help al..

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